ComicCON-Hyderabad 2019

VENUE ADDRESS – Hitex Exhibition Center, Trade Fair Office Building, Izzathnagar, Kothaguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084. Location-


  • Saturday: 11 AM – 8 PM
  • Sunday: 11 AM – 8 PM
  • Entry closes on 7.30 PM each day

The ComicCon 2019 is here @ Hyderabad which was hosted at The Hitex Exhibition Center and the First was a Delight and the Passes are Still Available for the Event at the Official Website of ComicCon India- The Passes are available for 599- 1999, So Grab your Passes and Enjoy all the Fun .

The Stalls at ComicCon 2019

1 The Souled Store 2 3 4 Act Fibre Net Party Monsterz Soxytoes 5 Red Wolf 6 7 8 Crossword Bookstores Wow Heads Vivid Swans 9 COVER IT UP 10 11 Murtle Wizual Trip 12 World’s Biggest Time Capsule 21 Geek Dawn 22 23 24 & 25 W.H.Y Foundation Smily Kiddos 26 29 & 30 27 & 28 PlanetSuperheroes 31 & 32 Wizplex 33 Macmerise 34a & 34b Printoctopus 35 & 40 XP PEN Fictional Realities 37 Aswhole Ideas 38 39 41 Oye Happy Party Rocker’s Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology 42 Happy Gift Mart 43 & 44 45 46 Games The Shop Viz Media By Simon & Schuster Studio Nilen 47 Bornmonkie 50 51 & 52 53 & 54 Jasicnytum Epic Stuff 55 Urban Pitara 56 57a 57b Living Waters Creative Studio WWE 57c Labartry 58a Juju 58b Comicera 59 Artist Nishant Medhi 60 VE.SU.KO Right Brothers By Rohan & Rahul Bhatia 74 Prime Keychains 73 Hybrid Saritire 75 76 77 Printoctopus AMD Supervek 78 Woke 79 80 & 81 83 & 84 Peta Youth Comicsense Rama Naidu Film School

Call of the Blue ( Hyderabad )

Venue- SS Convention , Shamshabad. – Location-

India Yamaha Motor (IYM) Pvt. Ltd.  is Hosting THE CALL OF THE BLUE 2.0 ON 13-oct-2019

Hello, Hyderabad!

You have heard the Call of the Blue. Now it’s time for you to feel it, experience it, and get up close and personal with it. We are bringing the Call of the Blue to your city to offer you and your fellow riders a platform you can call your own. So, block your dates, and Get. Set. Go.

Call of the Blue Weekend:

Gymkhana Riding: Show off your skills on our custom designed Gymkhana Track. You win prizes if you beat the fastest lap of the day.

Yamaha Experience zone: If you are a Yamaha fan, this is your nirvana zone. Experience the power of the latest Blue machines, the engine, and the accessories.

Bikers Cafe: A cafe designed for the biker in you. Hop in, grab a drink, and bond over Blue with fellow riders.
Inviting all our blue blooded brothers to an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

Join us at S S Convention, Shamshabad from 9 a.m. onwards!

courtesy- Call Of The Blue Weekend- Hyderabad, Facebook page-